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At American CareQuest, Inc., we have a staff of medical social workers who provide support for individual patients and families.

Medical Social Services includes disease and health education after a diagnosis, referrals to community resources, emotional support, planning short-term or long-term placements, individual and family counseling and post-rehab treatment counseling.

What does a medical social worker do? These professionals help patients cope with illness and changes in life by short-term counseling, long-term planning, and access to community resources and services. Medical Social Workers (MSWs) also assist patients who are in at-risk circumstances or are experiencing hardship. They advocate and make recommendations for the patient and his or her family to better their living situation and quality of life.

After performing a thorough assessment to identify the patient’s physical and emotional needs, the home health social worker develops individualized short- and long-term goals to ensure the best outcome for the patient. Such plans may include:

  • Arranging for follow-up treatment and caregiving services
  • Offering counseling as needed
  • Assist with nursing home placement
  • Assisting with ALF (assisted living accommodations) placement
  • Coordinating community resources 
  • Enrollment in identified service needs


Services are scheduled seven days a week according to the patient’s care plan.